Super Curricular and Extra Curricular


Super-curricular and extra-curricular activities are specially chosen to enhance students’ chances of entry into highly competitive degree courses. We emphasise the need for students to participate in these activities in order to build a strong individual profile.

Super Curriculum

Super-Curricular Activities are activities that academic departments can build into their curriculum to offer extra stimulation and opportunities for their students. They go beyond the curriculum but are still very much linked to syllabus or scheme of work. Super-curricular activities hone students for their chosen careers and demonstrate their passion for the subject they want to do at university.  Examples include:

  • Oxbridge Society, Science and Technology Society
  • Subscriptions to journals and magazines
  • Specialist subject blogs
  • Goodwill Ambassador Programme – Work Experience and Voluntary Work abroad
  • First Aid Course with British Red Cross
  • Young Enterprise/Duke of Edinburgh Award
  • Fashion, Cultural and Unity Events
  • Debate Club
  • Taster and Master classes at various local & overseas universities
  • Summer schools including working on a research project with a scientist or doctor
  • Reading around the subject, extended project, extended essay
  • Step papers
  • Appropriate work experience
  • National Subject Weeks – eg Science week
  • Careers Fairs (Visits from various university admission tutors)
  • Future Learn
  • TED videos
  • Competitions

Academic reflective journal – students are strongly advised to keep an academic reflective journal recording the extra work that you are doing and your reflections on what you have done / read. This is very useful when preparing your personal statement and preparing for interview.  It is important to remember that it is not just doing a lot of things that counts – it is how you think about them and reflect upon them that really matters.


Extra-Curricular Activities are those activities fall outside the realm of the normal curriculum of school education. They add to the student’s general scholastic experience.

Extra-Curricular include:

  • Dept/Faculty prefects
  • Toe by Toe/Mentoring
  • Shows (talent, revue, fun day)
  • Parents and open evenings
  • Voluntary work
  • Charity fund raising
  • Theatre Trips
  • NCS Challenge

Sixth Form SuperC calendar (Week 2 Tuesday period 5) – Sixth Form SuperC events

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